ASES Services

System Engineering:

  1. System Specifications (V&V Engineering)
  2. Trade Studies (Costs, Weight, Reliability)
  3. Load Calculations and Reports
  4. Performance Calculations and Reports
  5. Safety and Reliability Analysis and Reports (PSSA, SSA, FMEA, FTA)
  6. Dynamic Simulations (Matlab/Simulink)
  7. Controller Design
    • Single and multiple loop controller
    • State space controller
  8. In-Service Trouble Shooting
  9. Flight Test Definition and Support


  1. Design for complex Units
  2. Unit Specifications
  3. Detailed Layout of ATA27 Power Control Units and Actuators
  4. Proof Read of Customer Design

Technical Management:

  1. Development Process Consulting
  2. Engineering Resource Evaluation (Project Management)
  3. Contractual and Commercial Document Consulting
    1. Contracts
    2. SOWs
    3. Development Change Plans
  4. Proposal Evaluation
  5. Certification Support (Work with Authorities)


For more Details refer to ASES company presentation (Download)