Experience & Competences

Bernhard Hauber, CEO

  • 25 years’ experience in Aerospace Engineering (mainly Flight Controls but also Landing Gear, ATA32 and Hydraulic Power, ATA29)
  • Several years leadership of Performance & Simulation Team of important German tier 1 equipment supplier
  • Several years leadership of High-Lift System Department
  • Several years leadership of R&D Department
  • Several years Chief Engineer of High-Lift Systems
  • Member of Boeing NAPD development team (sent by German tier 1 supplier)
  • Project and Technical leadership for several Airbus Flight Control Projects (sent by German tier 1 supplier)
  • Leading member of German tier 1 development team for Russian (Sukhoi) Superjet 100 commercial aircraft
  • Holder of 12 Patents for Flight Controls Application
  • Holder of Flight-Mechanic Patent "i-con"

Publications and Lectures

The following publications and lectures where prepared/hold alone or within a team.

  • SAE Meeting San Diego/USA, October 2005: “Variable Displacement Hydraulic Motors used in the Airbus A380 High-Lift Systems”
  • 5th Fluid technical Colloquium Aachen, March 2006: “Variable Displacement Hydraulic Motors used for High-Lift Systems of commercial Aircrafts”
  • SAE Meeting Los Angeles/USA, October 2006: ”Application of Sensors for the A380 Flap Power Control Unit”
  • German Aerospace and Space Conference, September 2013: “Analysis of a multi-functional High-Lift System driven by an ADGB”
  • German Aerospace and Space Conference, September 2016: “Assessment of Electromechanical Flight Control Actuators (EMA) with regard to Direct Operation Costs”
  • German Aerospace and Space Conference, September 2020: “Das Flugmechanische Konzept des Gepfeilten Nurflügel und ein Vorschlag zu dessen Weiterentwicklung“.
    DGLR Archive Document ID: 530042


The ASES Team is formed by additional 4 highly experienced Senior Aerospace Engineers with more than 100 years’ experience in total.

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